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Urine tests using a smartphone?

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Offering consulting services, I often have the opportunity to work on amazing projects. One of these is test4pet. I had the pleasure of assisting Wertschmied, maker of this Android app, in its development. It should be interesting especially for horse and dog lovers.

Wertschmied manufactures test strips that can be used to test urine samples of horses and dogs. The colours of the test fields on the strips indicate if certain health-related values are within the target range. Using principles I developed for my colour identifier, I was able to assist Wertschmied in developing the app that is part of their product. It lets customers read the test fields through their smartphone’s camera and to evaluate the result. If readings are taken regularly, the app can save and compare readings, so the owner of the horse or dog can see how specific values have developed over time. The app has been designed with accessibility in mind. Thanks to speech synthesis, it can be used by blind and partially sighted people who would not be able to see the colours of the test strips otherwise.
I also was able to assist Wertschmied in developing the new product test4aqua, which follows the same principle as test4pet.

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