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Release of E-Kiosk 1.2 for iOS

Version 1.2 of E-Kiosk, a magazine reading app by the Swiss Federation of the Blind, is now available on the App Store.

Icon E-KioskThis update includes changes mainly for sighted users. They can now modify the font size inside the app using the zoom gesture. On the iPad, we abandoned the split screen layout so that large fonts are easier to read. Each view now takes up the entire screen and text in large fonts wraps less frequently. Deselected tabs in the tab bar are now coloured to increase contrast and visibility.

In the article view, you can now move to the previous or next article swiping left or right (with three fingers if VoiceOver is turned on). This allows you to move through a magazine without having to locate and tap the correct button. Additionally, we made some improvements under the hood and fixed a few bugs.

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