iPhone running the BlindFind app, listing all nearby destinations.

Version: 1.0
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The BlindFind app displays landmarks or items in your environment that have been equipped with visorBoxes. This may include offices, lifts, bathrooms etc. visorBoxes will send information about these landmarks and items to your mobile device via Bluetooth. It will be displayed on the screen, and you may read it using your screen reader. Using the BlindFind app, you can tell visorBox to play an audio cue and to announce the name of the landmark or item through its speaker. This allows you to find the landmark independently, even if you are blind or partially sighted.


iPhone running the BlindFind app, displaying information as well as the route to a selected destination.


  • List nearby landmarks equipped with visorBoxes.
  • Play an audio cue and the name of the landmark through the speaker of visorBox, so you can locate it without sight.
  • Access additional information about a location, such as opening hours or how to navigate it.

How it works

Please follow this link to learn how visorBox works.

Installed locations

  • Dresden Town Hall, Goldene Pforte area. Address: Dr.-Külz-Ring 19, D-01067 Dresden, German
  • Begegnungsstätte der Kreisorganisation Dresden im Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband Sachsen e.V. (community centre of the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted, Dresden district). Address: Strehlener Straße 24, D-01069 Dresden, Germany


While it is running, the BlindFind app will store timestamps and the contents of all visorBoxes appearing in its range. This allows information to be displayed more quickly when the app reconnects to a visorBox and minimises the number of necessary Bluetooth connections. All stored data remains on the device. It cannot be accessed by visorApps. Stored data may be transferred to the internet and onto other devices when the user backs up their device. Such processes are outside the control of visorApps; instead, privacy terms of the device manufacturer, the operating system provider or the backup service provider shall apply.

The BlindFind app and visorBoxes exchange data locally via Bluetooth and do not connect to the internet in the process. When connected to the BlindFind app, visorBoxes do not store any data concerning the identity of the user or the user’s device. They merely store the number of connections established within in a certain period of time to understand general frequency of use.

Operators of visorBoxes may, at their discretion, supply additional links to websites or servers for extra information. After activating one of these links within the BlindFind app, the user may be tracked via the resulting external connection. Such operations are outside the control of visorApps; instead, the privacy terms of the owner or operator of the external site or server shall apply.

Icon: Funded by the Economic Development Office of the state capital of Saxony, DresdenDevelopment of visorBoxes and BlindFind app has been funded by the Economic Development Office of the state capital of Saxony, Dresden.